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Terms & Conditions

Please ensure you have read & understood our terms & conditions. Our terms & conditions form the basis of the agreement between Bar Rumba Events & yourself.

Bar Rumba Events. 

Our ever popular mobile bar is a great addition to any event.

Due to increasing demand we have developed a new set of T&Cs. 

This allows us to ensure a fair & robust booking system for both the business & the Client.

Booking & Payment Process

  • An enquiry can be made via; our website, email, social media pages or contact number.

  • Once an enquiry is received you will be sent a booking form. We ask that you complete this form fully to ensure we have as much information about your event thus enabling a realistic quote being generated.

  • A quote will be sent to the email address provided on the booking form. We aim to get this to you within 14 days of receipt of the completed booking form. 

  • Requested dates will be held for 4 weeks from the date of sending your quote. Should you wish to proceed with your booking then you must inform Bar Rumba Events, no later than, 4 weeks from the date of your quote, in writing, via email.

  • If we have not heard within the time frame then we will assume the date is no longer required and this will be opened again to further bookings. 

  • An invoice will be sent with details of your booking fee.

  • No date is booked or secured until Bar Rumba Events has receipt of your booking fee.

  • The non-refundable booking fee of £200 (including VAT) must be received via BACs no later than 14 days of the invoice date. 

  • A receipt of payment will be sent which will provide confirmation of your booking.

  • Bar Rumba Events understands that is not always possible to provide all the information regarding your event. Your date can be secured by paying the non-refundable booking fee, Bar Rumba Events can provide you with an estimate of the potential cost for your event however it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that they up date Bar Rumba Events with confirmed information as soon as they can. This will allow Bar Rumba Events to re-evaluate regularly the costs involved with your booking. 

The non-refundable booking fee secures your date & allows Bar Rumba Events to start administrating your event, carry out site/venue visits, account for site/venue meetings. 

It is assumed that on paying the booking fee that the Client has read, understood and acknowledges the T&Cs set out in this document. 


  • Bar Rumba Events is a mobile service. It is expected that your chosen site/venue is accessible for motor access & that there is flat, level ground to allow for safe instalment of our equipment.

  • All of our mobile set ups require access to an electric supply, it is the Clients responsibility to ensure that the site/venue can provide this. 

  • Reliable WiFi is required for Bar Rumba Events to process card payments. It is the Clients responsibility to inform their guests that it will be cash payment if WiFi is inadequate or unavailable.

  • The Client is to provide Bar Rumba Events with a plan showing the position in which the bar &/or equipment are to be placed, or a representative be on site for this purpose. In the absence of both, then Bar Rumba Events will place the bar &/or equipment where they deem fit. 

  • If the Client is unsure as to Site/Venue suitability then Bar Rumba Events can carry out a site/venue visit to make recommendations.


  • The Client is required to ensure that Bar Rumba Events have access to the venue at a mutually agreed time for the installation of the bar equipment.

  •  Any restrictions to venue access, such as unloading restrictions, parking or height restrictions, must be communicated to Bar Rumba Events at least 14 days in advance of the event.

  • Set up/Clear down times will be calculated by Bar Rumba Events, time required is dependent upon the individual booking. It is the Clients responsibility to ensure they liaise with the designated Site/Venue.

Consumption of Alcohol not provided by Bar Rumba Events

  • At the event, guests are required to purchase their drinks from Bar Rumba Events, and no additional drinks are permitted at the venue without our knowledge.  This is a licensing condition for which Bar Rumba Events retain responsibility.

  • Bar Rumba Events reserves the right to confiscate unauthorised drinks or remove them from the premises.

  • Arrival drinks arranged by the Client are permitted, provided they are for consumption during the pre-meal / meal period. Bar Rumba Events requests that they are informed of this before the event.  

  • Table wine and all other table drinks including drinks for toasting arranged by the Client, are permitted, providing they are for consumption during the meal only.

  • All drinks provided by the Client on the above basis are to be cleared before bar service. If the client wishes Bar Rumba Events to undertake this, please inform us beforehand, this will incur an extra fee.

  • If drinks other than what we sell are being consumed after the toasting of pre-agreed drinks, then we reserve the right and will leave.


  • Bar Rumba Events is responsible for the operation of the Client’s bar in accordance with the licensing act 2003.

  • If alcohol is being sold to guests at the bar, the venue must be licensed; this includes venues such as marquees and private houses. If no such license exists for them, we will book this. A copy of the license will be available for inspection upon the Company’s arrival.

  • Bar Rumba Events operate a strict policy on underage drinking. Guests that appear to be under 21 years of age may be asked to show a photo I.D. in an acceptable format. Acceptable formats include driving licenses, passports or approved I.D. cards.

  • Bar Rumba Events reserves the right to refuse alcohol if a guest appears too intoxicated or is behaving in an abusive or threatening manner.

Bar Packages

Our booking forms enable the Client to build a package that suits their event. 

Quotes will vary depending on; type of bar, number of people, additional extras, set up/clear down times, travel costs etc.


Each bar will be supplied with:

  • 2/3 staff members (Bar Rumba Events are responsible for supplying a safe number of staff for each event. Extra staff will incur an additional charge)

  • Fully Stocked Bar 

  • Bar Menus

  • Customised Cocktail Menu 

  • Cups

  • All Garnishes

  • 6 hours of Bar time


The amount of staff required for your event will depend upon the size & location. Bar Rumba Events will inform you at the time of your quote if extra staff will be needed to manage your event safely & effectively. Up to 3 members of staff are included in all Bar bookings. Any further staff incur an additional charge. 

Stocking the Bar

Bar Rumba Events is a mobile service. Our capabilities for carrying stock are therefore limited. We prepare for your event based on the information provided within the booking form including drink preferences & amount of people attending. It is the Clients responsibility to inform Bar Rumba Events of any changes to the information provided on the booking form no later that 14 days prior to the date of the event. 

Any changes need to be made with prior agreement with Bar Rumba Events.

Changes may affect the quote already provided by Bar Rumba Events and may incur additional charges to those already agreed. 

If there has been no requests made regards preferences for stocking the Bar then Bar Rumba reserve the right to stock the Bar with their basic stock list.

Cocktail Menu

Bar Rumba Events offer the Client the opportunity to serve their guests 'signature cocktails' which are special to them. Up to 3 signature cocktails can be added to the menu. Choices need to be submitted to & agreed by Bar Rumba Events no later than 14 days before the event. 

If no signature request is made then Bar Rumba Events will decide on the cocktails offered at the event. 


Bar Rumba Events endeavour to be as sustainable as possible with the service we provide. Bar Rumba Events offer reusable plastic drinks ware for all events & this comes as standard. 

If the Client would prefer their drinks to be served in glasses, and if the site/venue allows the use of glass then Bar Rumba Events can arrange this for you. 

This is an additional service & comes with an additional cost. Alternatively the Client is welcome to arrange their own glass hire.

If glassware is being used then it is the Clients responsibility to inform Bar Rumba Events no later than 14 days prior to the date of the event.

Bar Time

We provide 6 hours of Bar time as standard. 

The Bar can be open for longer but this needs to be agreed by Bar Rumba Events prior to the event and will incur an extra charge which needs to be paid in advance.

If on the day of your event it becomes evident that the Bar needs to open for longer (e.g. if wet weather) then the extra charge must be paid at the time of request.

Cash Bar Minimum Spend

Bar Rumba Events offer a number of options for Bar payments at your event. 

The cash Bar is becoming ever popular.

Bar Rumba Events offer a cash Bar option however this does require a minimum spend.

The minimum spend ensures that an income will be achieved which covers all Bar Rumba Events overheads. The Client will responsible for paying any shortfall between the Bar sales & minimum spend.

The minimum spend will be dependent on the number of guests expected at your event. 

The minimum spend is the equivalent of £17pp. This equates to 2.5 drinks pp.

Bar Rumba Events will include the expected minimum spend in your initial quote.

The Client will be invoiced for 50% of the minimum spend amount which must be paid no later than 14 days prior to the event. 

  • If the minimum spend is achieved through Bar sales during the event then Bar Rumba Events will return the 50% minimum payment spend, via BACs, to the client, no later than 7 days after the event.

  • If Bar sales, during the event, fail to meet the the minimum payment but exceed 50% sales then Bar Rumba Events will retain, out of the 50% pre event payment, the amount required to meet the minimum spend, excess funds will be returned to the Client, via BACs, no later than 7 days following the event..

  • If Bar sales fail to meet the minimum spend and are less than 50% then Bar Rumba Events will retain the full 50% pre event payment and invoice the Client for the outstanding amount. Payment will be expected within 7 days of the event via BACs. 

Optional Extras

Alongside our bespoke Bar setups Bar Rumba Events offer a number of optional Extras:

  • Cocktail Hour

  • Lindr Machine

  • Welcome Drink/Toasting Drink Packages

  • Wedding Breakfast Alcohol

  • Drinks Tokens/Wedding Favours

  • Part Paid Bar

  • Intimate Event Package

Cocktail Hour

Can be added as an optional extra. 

If you opt for one of our Cocktail Hour packages and have a cash bar then the minimum spend will be waived if the minimum spend would equate to or is less than the Cocktail Hour Package.

The Client can choose up to 5 Cocktails to be served during their Cocktail Hour Package, these will need to be discussed and agreed with Bar Rumba Events no later than 14 days before the event. 

Our Packages are as follows: 

  1. 50 Cocktails;   2 hours service = £600

  2. 100 Cocktails;  3 hours service = £800

  3. 150 Cocktails;  4 hours service = £1000

  4. 200 Cocktails; 5 hours service = £1200

  5. 250 Cocktails; 5 hours service = £1400

  6. Unlimited Cocktails: 3-5 hours service = from £40 pp


  • 50 Extra Cocktails: £200  

Lindr Machine

Bar Rumba Events will supply and run our Lindr machine with one Keg of draught ale/beer or lager at a cost of £250 + VAT. 

The Keg can be of the Clients choosing, Bar Rumba Events will obtain the Keg for the event.

Bar Rumba Events will require a minimum of 14 days notice to add this option to your package, dependent upon availability, to avoid disappointment, it is advised that the Lindr is requested upon booking.

Any further Kegs will require a £100 deposit which will be returned to the Client within 7 days of the date of the event, via BACs, if the Keg is sold. 

In the event of a Keg not being sold the £100 deposit will be retained by Bar Rumba Events and the Keg left with the Client.

Welcome Drink/Toasting Drink Packages

All welcome drink/toasting drink packages must be booked prior to the event. 

It is the Clients responsibility to inform Bar Rumba of their drinks choices within their package at least 14 days prior to the event. 

Bar Rumba Events will be responsible for preparing, setting up and serving your welcome drinks & clearing down afterwards as part of the packages. 

Bar Rumba Events will not be responsible for any welcome drinks not provided by us unless this has been agreed as part of services quoted for. 

Any toasting drinks provided by Bar Rumba Events can be poured and served as part of the agreed package.

Bar Rumba Events will not be responsible for any drinks used for toasting that have not been provided by us. 

Bar Rumba Events will dispose of or recycle any rubbish associated with any of the packages supplied. 

Bar Rumba Events will not be responsible for disposal of any rubbish created by welcome/toasting drinks provided by the Client or any other companies.  

Wedding Breakfast Alcohol

Bar Rumba Events will provide all of your Wedding Breakfast Drinks.

Cost will vary depending on the type of drinks requested. 

This package includes Bar Rumba Events preparing the drinks ready for your tables with the allocated amount per table, clearing and disposing of bottles & replenishing bottles on tables if required.

Bar Rumba Events will not be responsible for any Wedding Breakfast Drinks not provided by us, serving, replenishing, clearing & disposal are the responsibility of the Client or supplier unless prior agreement has been made and agreed as part of services quoted for.

Drinks Tokens/Wedding Favours

Drinks tokens can be purchased from Bar Rumba Events prior to your event.

A token will be exchanged for a drink (excluding cocktails & doubles).

Pre Paid Bar

The Client can opt to have a completely paid bar.

This will be charged at £45 pp with a minimum of 50 guests. 

Part Paid Bar

The Client can opt to pre pay a sum of money to Bar Rumba Events.

Bar Sales will be covered by the pre payment up until the value is spent.

Bar Rumba Events will then provide a cash bar service until the end of the event. 

If the pre paid amount is equal to or more than the minimum spend required to operate the cash bar then the minimum spend will be waived.

Intimate Event Package

Bar Rumba Events will provide a fully stocked, fully staffed bar for an indoor/outdoor venue.

This package is applicable for bookings of 50 people or less. 

The package is charged at £1000 + VAT this will include 1 Cocktail or similar per guest. 


  • The Non refundable booking fee of £200 is to be paid by the Client at the time of booking to secure the chosen date.

  • An Invoice will be produced once booking is secure. Any changes made to your booking need to be agreed by prior arrangement with Bar Rumba Events, if this results in an additional charge then a new invoice will be produced. All invoices will need to be paid by the date stated this will normally be 4 weeks before the date of the event. If the invoice is not paid at this time and has not been discussed with Bar Rumba Events we will assume you no longer require our services. Bar Rumba Events will send a reminder prior to your due date.

  • Payments can be made by bank transfer details of which are on the invoice provided.

  • The Client will be responsible for ensuring any shortfall between Bar sales and minimum spend is paid in full within 7 days of the event. An invoice will be sent with details.

  • Bar Rumba Events will ensure that any money owing will be paid back to the Client within 7 days of the event.

  • Any optional extras added after the final payment date must be paid in full before the event.  


  • In the event of cancellation you need to inform us at least 60 days prior to your booking date in order to get a refund of any monies paid - excluding the non-refundable booking fee.

  • Bar Rumba Events understands that cancellation may occur for a number of reasons, we will, if required, carry over any monies paid to an alternative date if postponement or cancellation occurs but will depend upon prior commitments.

  • We reserve the right to cancel any booking due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, or any other events beyond our control. In such cases, we will make every effort to provide an alternative solution, a full refund or reschedule the event.

  • The cancellation of any booking due to unforeseen circumstances such as extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, or any other events beyond our client's control will be refunded in full, excluding the non-refundable booking fee. 

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